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The Collected Works of Alfred B. Porter Volume I

About the Book

The Collected Works of Alfred B. Porter Volume I comprises an anthology of twenty short stories. Craftily sequenced, the stories are arranged, beginning with entertaining children’s tales—which are supplemented with interactive and learning activities—to informative stories for young adults. These stories were brought together to create a stimulating anthology that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Some stories contain lessons and messages that readers could relate. “This book is well written and thought out, with all the characters well put together and connected, to bring his message to his readers out there,” said Michael M., an Amazon customer that reviewed The Lady Liberty Mystery, one part of the anthology. Professor Porter’s compilation is something you can enjoy reading one story at a time.

Alfred B. Porter

About the Author

Professor Alfred B. Porter has traveled and studied in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He has taught at many prestigious colleges and universities. He holds many degrees, certifications, and has written numerous books, e-books, and articles.


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